Haris Adhikari

Hi, this is Haris… frank, decent, benign, sensitive and at times moody and idiosyncratic. I cannot reserve my feelings. I have to say what I can’t help saying. I don’t believe in pretensions. Pretensions make people hollow and discontent… The real bliss of life lies not in becoming what we are not, but in what we actually are.

I’m a sort of spiritualist. I do and don’t believe in god (It depends on situations and mood!). Philosophy, history, literature, arts, mythologies, exotic cultures, and mysteries of some sort interest me more.

Here in this virtual reality, I hope to explore my poetic sensibility, share my creative writings with folks around the world and learn from them, enrich my craft of writing, and enjoy coming across the most unexpected people or ideas…

Contact: harisadhikari@gmail.com


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